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Little Extras

A wedding ceremony and reception unique to you

While Mother Nature provides the Mediterranean with the most magical scenery that you can imagine, we use our local knowledge to select idyllic venues; indeed everything you will require, down to the last detail, for your unforgettable day.

While our weddings are planned on a package basis we are also very aware that your wedding is one of the most important days in your lives as a couple and an occasionthat should be blended with your own dreams and desires. Therefore, where possible we pride ourselves on being able to add little extras that you may be thinking of - even the most bizarre things can usually be organised. There is quite a lot of room for flexibility within packages prior to booking and after booking there are some services that may be swapped for others -  on application and subject to availability. Adding extras for an extra cost can be arranged at any stage up to the pre-wedding meeting.

Some couples have their own ideas and we work with them to make these a reality whenever possible but others admit to being rather nervous or daunted about planning such an important event. This is where our unparalleled experience comes to the fore. We can inspire you and help you to design your wedding day to be truly memorable and one of a kind.

From the classical to casual, traditional to quirky, every one of the weddings we help to plan is as original as the couple getting married and with our support you can let your imagination run riot while our professional coordinators are there to perfect each and every detail.

Our wedding planners have a treasure trove of information at their fingertips - here are some of their ideas …

...A religious element to your ceremony or wedding vows renewel with some special prayers...

....A candle lighting ceremony led by a celebrant...

....Horseback arrival for the bride...

But we are looking forward to hearing all about YOUR ideas!>

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Reaffirmation of your wedding vows

“…your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part.” 

Louis de Bernières


Whether you have been married for ten, twenty or fifty years, renewing your wedding vows is a beautiful and meaningful opportunity to relive the promises you made to each other on your wedding day. While your orginal wedding was probably witnessed by family and friends for many a renewal will be the first time to say vows together with your children.

Reaffirming your love for each other is a personal ceremony, unique to the two of you. It will give everyone a chance to think about the many experiences and adventures you have had together. An occasion like this can reinforce your love for each other and set you on a new journey for years to come.

You can remember your original wedding by playing the same music, perhaps; or maybe have something completely new and different. You can make the same vows again, or add some new ones.

A significant anniversary is a great opportunity to make a celebration like this and Oludeniz Beach Weddings can work with you to make the celebration a perfect way to say ‘I do’ again.

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Just a wedding reception

Oludeniz has become a very popular venue for couples to get married and we know that every year many couples choose to make their plans with one of the big UK or European tour operators, sometimes at one of the larger all-inclusive hotels.  

We are also aware that couples sometimes prefer to make their wedding reception a more personal and intimate occasion than these more commercial operators can offer. If this is the case, Oludeniz Beach Weddings will be delighted to work with you at Sea Breeze Hotel or one of our other carefully selected venues, to make the reception private and unique to you.

With our unrivalled experience of organising wedding receptions in the Oludeniz and Fethiye region we are able to share with you our ideas in a professional yet totally exclusive and special way; catering for your every need - all you need to do is ask!

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