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Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of our Terms & Conditions Before using Oludeniz Beach Weddings you are required to fully read and agree to the Terms & Conditions. These are set out in full here and we recommend you read these Terms & Conditions carefully before booking your wedding. By accepting these Terms & Conditions you are entering into an Agreement with Oludeniz Beach Weddings. The date of the Agreement will be the date on which you accept these Terms & Conditions by payment of your deposit.

Oludeniz Beach Weddings hereinafter referred to as 'the company' is a subsidiary of EZMEN TOURISM 

The couple marrying and the wedding guests are referred to as 'the guests'

The person or persons booking the wedding are referred to as 'the client'

The wedding ceremony, wedding reception or wedding ceremony and reception is referred to as 'the event.'

The details of what is included in the event is referred to as 'the package'.


Beverages – Beverages are not included as standard within our Packages and will be priced separately unless otherwise agreed within the Wedding Package. Prices will be subject to change and will be those quoted at the venues and at the discretion of third party suppliers. All accounts for beverages MUST be settled directly by the client with the venue on the day of the wedding.

Beverage Packages – Beverage packages are available at select venues for a fixed 4hr period, to include unlimited local spirits, wines, beer, soft drinks and water. The price is £30pp / £12 children (2020-21 season) and must be booked at time of wedding reservation. 

Beverage Package can be added AFTER time of booking at a cost of £33pp (£15 children). Should you wish to add the Beverage Package after time of booking, email confirmation must be advised to info@oludenizbeachweddings.com up to 2 weeks prior to your wedding (20% deposit is required). All subsequent payments will be confirmed in writing and a new Letter of Confirmation issued.

Beverages and food brought in from outside - No food, drink or beverages may be brought in from outside the venue for consumption on the premises without first obtaining the permission of the company. The company reserves the right to confiscate any food drink or beverage found on the premises and demand payment, or corkage, in cash from the guest.

Duty of care - A responsible adult must be available at all times to act in place of a parent and who could reasonably be expected to exercise responsible supervision of any children under 16 years old.

Responsible adult In order not to disturb the bride and groom on their wedding day the company request the name of a responsible adult who may be approached at any time to discuss any problems or other issue. 

Cakes Wedding cakes are standard 3 tier sponge (choice of vanilla, chocolate or lemon). Our cake designs and decorations include fresh flowers, piped icing and ribbons. If a particular ornament or decoration is required that is not available in Turkey the items should be brought by the purchaser from the UK. ‘Choice of design’ includes standard cake designs and complicated designs may incur an extra cost.

Cancellation  Refer to Bookings & Payments section on website.

Change of Date – Date changes after the confirmed booking will be subject to availability and the discretion of the company.

Change of Numbers  If you have an increase in guest numbers we can usually accommodate them and they will be charged on a per-person basis. The additional per-person cost will normally be quoted on your original Quote and Confirmation Letter. Should your numbers decrease, we offer a max 15% drop in numbers, which is subject to a rebate at a fixed cost per head (dependent on the venue) based on meal cost only.

Complaints In the event you have a complaint with regards to the company, this matter must be raised with the Management of Oludeniz Beach Weddings at the time of your wedding where we will endeavour to resolve the problem immediately. In the event you have a complaint against one of our outside services this will be steered directly to the individual company for resolution. We carefully select third party suppliers who have shown a proven history of delivering a high standard.

NB: We will not be held responsible for any grievances aired publicly or privately following your wedding. All complaints must be dealt with directly with the company and prior to your departure from Turkey. We reserve the right to fully refund your monies, at any time prior to your wedding, if we feel that as a company we are unable to fulfil your specific requirements.

Anti-social behaviour - The company reserves the right to ask a guest to leave if he/she is causing a disturbance, annoying other guests or venue staff or is behaving in an unacceptable or antisocial manner.

Decorations – Wedding Day decorations as specified within the company's packages are standard and include:

Ceremony: dressed wedding gazebo, wedding arch with fresh flowers, red carpet aisle runner, aisle chair seating for all your guests, registry table with satin cover, ivory satin covered bridal chairs & sashes (selection of colours), registry table flower centrepiece.

Reception: ivory satin chair covers and organza sashes (selection of colours), wedding table dressed with ivory satin cover & skirt, candelabra & centrepiece flower arrangement.

If the company cannot supply a colour or style of fabric or decoration the required item should be supplied by the client or guests and brought to Turkey in time for the event. If any extra decorations are required to be purchased by the supplier they will be charged at an additional cost if not previously agreed within the Contract. 

Entertainment Live Music option offered within our packages is standard and consists of a local duo of musicians that play a selection of classic and contemporary music. Any extra or alternative music requirements will be subject to availability and incur an additional cost. Prices will be subject to those quoted by any third party supplier at the time of the wedding. Any additional AV or lighting requirements will be subject to availability and incur an additional cost. CD music is offered as complimentary within all our packages.

Extra Services & Accommodation  – All our packages are standard and include only those services specified therein. All costs for additional items such as accommodation, flights, transfers, are additional. These quotes will be provided separately by the individual operators and not priced within the Wedding Package. Accommodation offered on this site is suggested only and must be booked directly with the individual properties. Please note that the company is not responsible for any accommodation or flights booked with Third Parties.

Flowers  The company will endeavour to provide the flowers of choice and colour agreed at the time of booking, however final flower delivery will be subject to seasonal selection and colour available at the time of the wedding. Where your agreed flower selection is not available the company will endeavour to provide the best closest option.

Force Majeure – The Company will not be held responsible for any act of God or any extraordinary, unavoidable catastrophes or events directly out of our control necessitating the postponement or cancellation of your wedding (e.g. problematic weather conditions, natural disasters, travel restrictions, government actions). Wherever possible, postponements will be permitted subject to availability.
COVID-19 – (Updated March 24, 2020): All weddings scheduled to take place in the year 2020 only will be reviewed and assessed on a weekly basis, and any resulting changes will be dependent on the ongoing developments with the world pandemic COVID-19 virus. These assessments will be based on official Turkish Government regulations and announcements, and resulting decisions will be advised to clients no later than four weeks prior to the wedding date.  (All 2021-22 weddings will be subject to our Standard Terms & Conditions).

Hairdressing & Makeup  Standard hairdressing services are included within our wedding packages for the bride and up to 2 bridesmaids. The services include styling only and any additional hair services (ie, colour or cutting) will be at an additional cost and priced at the discretion of the Hairdresser. Standard wedding day makeup is also included within our packages for bride and up to 2 bridesmaids. Any additional beauty services required (eg. pedicure, manicure or facials) will be at additional cost and priced at the discretion of the Beauty Salon. All additional costs will be made available prior to the appointment.

Late Arrival or Postponement – Late arrival at wedding or postponement of wedding date and time caused by changes to your flight or travel plans made by you or your travel provider may incur additional costs dependent on availability of the registrar, the company and its associated third party suppliers.

Legal Paperwork – The company takes no responsibility for errors or typing mistakes within any official documentation given to the supplier by the client or couple.

The sourcing and validity of UK nationals legal documents is the responsibility of the couple or the purchaser and they must be true, correct, current and be validated by ourselves prior to your wedding day and available to the supplier at all times at their request. [Refer to Legal Requirements page]. No responsibility will be taken or correspondence entered into for any weddings that the supplier cannot perform due to the purchaser's or couple's provision of incorrect or illegal paperwork.

Provision of any wedding services for non-UK citizens will be at the discretion of the company. 

Order of Events  Timing for the wedding day will be at the discretion of the wedding planner and for all our advertised Packages is based on the time of sunset unless otherwise agreed within the Contract. The company has the right to change the timing within the Order of Events subject to adverse weather conditions or conditions outside of their control.

Payments - All payments are to be made to Oludeniz Beach Wedding's parent company,  EZMEN TOURISM.

• 20% of the total wedding cost is required to secure a booking
• Balance is due 1 month prior to wedding date
• Payment is accepted by
- Debit Visa card (2% charge) 
- Visa or Mastercard credit card (2% charge)
- Bank transfer
For security purposes credit / debit card details will be taken over the phone & all receipts will be forwarded in writing. 
All payments are made to Ezmen Tourism.

Cancellation Charges - In event of cancellation the following percentage of total wedding cost is payable:

0 - 1 month (of booking) 12.5%
1 to 24 months prior to wedding date 20%
Less than 1 month prior to wedding date 100%

Photography & Videography  All photograph sizes will be 13 x 18cm and either matt or glossy, unless otherwise agreed within the wedding package. The photographer will endeavour to deliver the best quality with regards to colour balance and colour matching but cannot guarantee exact matching. Any retouching and artist finishing is available as an optional extra. Any re-orders after the included 50 prints will be treated as an extension to the Contract and will incur extra cost. The photographer shall be granted artistic licence in relation to the poses photographed and the locations used. The photographers’ judgements regarding the locations, poses and number of photographs shall be deemed correct.

The company has the right to display any photographs within this Contract on their wedding websites (due discretion will be used).

Prices  All prices were correct at time of going to print. The price you pay for your wedding package will be the price the package is offered at time of booking. Initial payments (deposits) are non-refundable and calculated under our Payment Terms. Any administration fees quoted are correct at time of booking but are subject to change without notice. Fees charged will be those applicable at the time of the wedding. Prices for weddings quoted more than 12 months forward will be subject to currency fluctuation and price changes from third party suppliers. 

Provisional Bookings  Provisional bookings will be held for a period of one week following email of our full quote and pending receipt of your deposit.

Meals – All wedding menus are current at time of print but may be subject to change dependent on availability of local produce and dishes at the time of the wedding. We will endeavour to deliver the menus selected by our clients and where a certain dish or menu is not available, we will provide the closest available dish or menu available from the contracted venue.

Allergies - Wedding couples and their guests are responsible for informing the wedding planners of any food allergy at the time of booking. All details must be provided in writing and the company cannot be held responsible for any failure on the part of the wedding party to do so. 

Transport  Wedding day transport is specified within all our packages and is provided using a standard sedan using basic decoration. Transport will be provided for bridal party only unless otherwise agreed within the Contract. (NB: Transport includes to and from the Fethiye resort area - Oludeniz, Ovacik/Hisaronu, Çalış and Fethiye centre). Use of third party suppliers for non-standard vehicles such as limousine services will be extra. No responsibility will be taken for extra transport not agreed upon within the Contract. Any delays caused by guests or bridal party not being at specified pick-up point at specified time will not be the responsibility of the company. Ceremonies cannot be delayed to wait for late arrivals.>

Change of Venue  Should the couple request a change of venue after arrival in Turkey, the company will endeavour to meet requests subject to availability of third party suppliers. Any extra costs will be extra to the agreed Contract price.

Venues  Couples and their guests are required to abide by the terms and conditions of our external wedding venues. Payments for food & beverage additional to the wedding package must be settled directly by the client on the day of the wedding. You will be liable for the cost of repairs carried out as a result of damages caused to any part of the venue premises or equipment therein caused by negligence, wilful act or default of any person invited by you or on your behalf to the venue. In the event that any of our venues change hands or for reasons out of our control are unavailable for the date of your wedding, we will offer a replacement venue of similar standard to the contracted venue.

Wedding Packages  The company offer the wedding day plan as a package and none of the services can be provided separately unless agreed upon in Contract by the client and the company. While there is some flexibility for addition or removal of services prior to booking, only some services may be swapped for other services after time of booking. All prices are that of a package and at no time will a breakdown of costs be supplied. All services provided within are standard and any changes or additions to the agreed wedding packages will incur extra cost and are subject to availability. Prices quoted are based on adult guests unless otherwise specified. Children 4-11yrs are priced 50% of adult cost (up to max 6, dependent on individual package and venue).  0-3yrs are FREE (up to max 6). 12yrs and over are classed as adults - based on original quote provided at time of booking. Please note: during High Season (May-September) limited service reductions are permitted from our Standard website packages.

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