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Why choose us?

Getting married in an idyllic venue, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, in a country where the skies are blue, the sunsets awe-inspiring, the scented air warm and the atmosphere exotic, has long been a deeply held desire for many couples; a lovely, unobtainable dream … a fairy tale fantasy.

Well, that’s how it used to be … but over the last decade or so things have changed. There is now a vast choice of exotic places to get married, as any search of the internet will testify. Now the problem is where to go, how much it will all cost and who can be trusted to make this, the important day, a wonderful memory to be cherished for ever.

Turkey’s Turquoise Coast certainly has all the location requirements; it is one of the most dramatically beautiful parts of the Mediterranean, and Oludeniz Beach Weddings has the honour of being the first and most experienced professional wedding organiser in the area.

For more than a decade this trustworthy team of professionals have proved time and time again (as our happy couples testify) their ability to turn a dream into an unforgettable and beautiful reality.

The team’s knowledge of the area, wide network of contacts for the best in everything, combined with attention to detail, is second to none. Add to this their creative flair, imaginative choice of venues and organisational skills and they will ensure that every couple will be able to look forward to and enjoy their wedding with the minimum of stress.

The cost of a wedding is one of those realities that must be addressed. Our prices are reasonable with every detail itemised so there are no nasty surprises on the day.

For more information about costs and how to pay please visit the Bookings and Payments page.