Wedding & Blessing Ceremonies

A wedding ceremony unique to you

While Mother Nature provides the Mediterranean with the most magical scenery, we use our local knowledge to select idyllic venues; indeed everything you will require, down to the last detail, for your unforgettable day.

While our weddings are planned on a package basis we are also very aware that your wedding is one of the most important days in your lives as a couple and an occasion that should be blended with your own style. Therefore, where possible, we pride ourselves on being able to add the little extras that you may be thinking of. There is quite a lot of room for flexibility within packages prior to booking and after booking there are some services that may be swapped for others. Amendments or additions after your package has been confirmed should be discussed with your wedding planner with changes being made subject to availability and at an agreed cost.

Some couples have their own ideas and we work with them to make these a reality whenever possible but others admit to being rather nervous or daunted about planning such an important event. This is where our unparalleled experience comes to the fore. We can inspire you and help you design your wedding day to be truly memorable and one of a kind.

From the classical to casual, traditional to quirky, every one of the weddings we help plan is as original as the couple getting married. With our support you can let your imagination run riot while our professional coordinators are there to perfect each and every detail.

The standard ceremony offered here in Turkey is secular, however you may wish to include religious or cultural elements such as a passage from your own faith, a culturally symbolic ceremony, prayer or a moment in silent reflection. Alternatively you may prefer to include a poetry reading from a family member or a candle lighting ceremony led by a celebrant. Whilst the majority of our couples opt for a legal marriage ceremony, it could be that you have already married in the UK and have opted to hold a blessing ceremony here in Turkey. It’s really all about you so be sure to pick up directly with your wedding planner to discuss any preferences.